Desktop Computer – Best Custom Prebuilt Gaming PC (Cheap)

Looking for a custom high-end gaming PC?

We’ve got you covered. If you’re in the market for the best gaming computer money can buy, you’ll find it at UMKLOGIX Australia. Our high-end gaming PCs are the stuff you’ve been dreaming of — exceptional quality, top-of-the-line components and completely customisable for an unparalleled gaming experience.

How to create the best gaming PC?

If you’re a serious gamer, you doubtless want the best that money can buy for your custom high performance gaming PC. When it comes to building the best computer, it’s all about the hardware. To enjoy truly exceptional game quality, you’ll want to focus on:

  • The GPU — Better graphics cards will give you more intense and exciting gameplay. We recommend cards with 8GB or more. A good GPU will allow you to run some of the most demanding game titles today. Our top of the line PCs come equipped with Nvidia RTX 3070, 3070Ti, 3080, 3080Ti, 3090, 3090 Ti & the latest and greatest 4080, 4090 models.
  • Fast storage — For smoother gameplay, you’ll want to invest in an SSD of at least 500GB. Make sure the SSDs conform to PCIe gen 3 or higher standards with fast read and write speeds.
  • Faster RAM — Faster RAM will boost your PC’s performance, especially if you’re building an AMD system.
  • Upgrades — After you’ve gotten used to your PC, you’ll likely want to add some upgrades to enhance your gameplay further. This could be anything from secondary storage like a SATA SSD to additional air or liquid cooling.

Best of all? These high-end computers will be truly multi-functional thanks to their great hardware. That means you can easily use your gaming computer for professional work like 3D modelling, CAD, graphics designing, high frequency trading or everyday tasks like streaming videos or studying for a big test.

Experience the best with our high-end offerings

Building a gaming desktop with us is as simple as clicking a button, thanks to our intuitive PC building tool. Select options from the drop-down menus to create your ideal computer, then head to check out. It couldn’t be easier!

Once you’ve created your ideal PC, we know you’re going to want to use it as soon as possible. Choose to pay using PayPal or a credit card and enjoy our fast, free shipping throughout Australia, which will usually get your PC to your door in as little as 1 to 2 business days after dispatch. You can optionally buy now and pay later using Zip and Klarna in Australia.

Build your high-end custom gaming PC with UMKLOGIX

Here at UMKLOGIX, we make it possible to enjoy gaming as you’ve never experienced it before with our selection of high-end custom gaming PCs. We cater to gamers across Australia, providing computers at competitive rates and speeds without sacrificing the exceptional quality we’re known for. Explore our range of gaming computers and start designing your dream PC today!

Have questions about cost, construction or delivery? Reach out to us today or visit our FAQs page to learn more.

Read more about desktop gaming PCs and some FAQs

High-end PCs have some of the best hardware that money can buy, making them great for high-res gaming and other demanding tasks.

The GPU, or graphics card, is the most important piece in your PC setup. Without a great GPU, your game isn’t going to look its best, even if all your other hardware is top-tier.

If you build your computer correctly, you can expect a lot from our custom high-end gaming PCs. High-end PCs offer better performance than traditional gaming computers, especially when it comes to frame rates and detail.

No. Sure, you can opt for all the fancy RGB heat spreaders and other extras, but you could also forgo them and still end up with a great, high-end gaming PC. You can find quality components that won’t break your budget but still offer optimal performance.

That usually depends on your hardware and what you’re planning on using the computer for. However, most high-end custom gaming computers will cost you $1000 or more.

Even if you don’t end up upgrading anything, you can still expect your PC to last many years. If your computer starts slowing down, swapping out some of the hardware for newer components will greatly extend its life.

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