Warranty terms and information for products may also be listed on respective product pages which are applicable in addition to the terms and conditions listed here.

We do not provide refunds and exchanges/replacements in case of wrong products purchased, change of mind, fault caused by customer’s action, non-recommended/unusual use of the product, alterations made to the product, and if the customer bought a faulty product after being made aware of the fault/s. Proof of purchase must be provided for all warranty, refund, and exchange/replacement claims. We recommend that the customers review the details of the manufacturer’s warranty and ensure that their terms and conditions comply as UMKLOGIX accepts no responsibility for non-compliance with the manufacturer’s policies.

In cases where item/s need to be returned to UMKLOGIX, customers must make sure that the goods are properly packaged as we do not take responsibility for any goods lost or damaged during the transit. Damage during transit may also void the manufacturer’s warranty. Items must be in their original packaging, all the original boxes must be intact and included, along with all packaging materials, manuals, warranty cards, plus all accessories and documents provided by the manufacturer. Goods must be shipped through a trackable shipping service with proof of delivery unless otherwise advised by us.

We bear both ways shipping costs if the product has a major fault, was dead on arrival or we sent out the wrong product within 12 days of the delivery. Both ways shipping includes delivery of the faulty item/s from the customer to us and delivery of replaced item from us back to the customer. UMKLOGIX will decide and advise the customer if the faulty product will be replaced or refunded. UMKLOGIX must be notified in writing within 7 days of the product receipt for any such claim. We’ll advise customers of the procedure for return delivery. In such cases, the customer may need to take the item/s to an Australia Post or another outlet recommended by us. In some cases, if possible, we may arrange a pick up of the item/s from the location where the product/s was shipped to.

For warranty claims after 12 days of product delivery, the item cannot be refunded. The decision of whether to exchange/replace or repair the faulty product/s will depend on the vendors, manufacturers, and dealers that we work with or are involved in the supply process of the products. The customer will be responsible for the costs and safe delivery of the faulty product to the address advised by UMKLOGIX. Item must be shipped through a trackable shipping service with proof of delivery. The faulty product after repair or exchange/replacement will be shipped back to the customer and UMKLOGIX will be responsible for this part of the shipping that includes shipping costs.

Return of the computer to UMKLOGIX for servicing/repair will be considered only as a last option when all the other support methods are exhausted. In some cases, we may attempt to solve the problem online or at least confirm the problem online through a remote connection and desktop sharing services and through the phone, video link (FaceTime, Skype, etc.), and text communications (Email, SMS, etc.). We may ask our customers to make some minor physical adjustments to the products if needed. In an event of returning the PC to UMKLOGIX, the customer may need to take the computer/s to an Australia Post outlet, and in some cases, when possible, we may arrange a pick up from the location where the product was shipped to. The decision to refund, repair or replace a faulty PC is at the sole discretion of UMKLOGIX.

What is covered under the Warranty?

Warranties cover only the hardware part of the PC and exclude software (SW), operating system (OS), settings, viruses, malware, trojans, drivers, peripherals, removable media, buttons, keyboards, mice, user damage and damage caused by environmental factors. Customers/users must use Surge Protector in order to be eligible for a warranty. Customers need to make sure that the problem is hardware related as non-hardware issues will be charged for servicing.

One of the reasons SW and OS are not covered under warranty is that there are unlimited ways for the users to use their computers and install safe and unsafe SW/drivers/utilities that easily corrupt operating systems which are beyond our control. A sudden power outage could cause system file/s to get corrupted which could damage segments of the hard drive. Below are some of the good practices we recommend to our customers to minimize the chances of corrupting OS:

  • Keep the OS up to date (In Windows 10 go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Check for updates). The system may need to be restarted a few times. Repeat the process until it says ‘You’re up to date’ etc.
  • Don’t install multiple antivirus and security software at the same time
  • Make sure the antivirus/security software is up to date
  • Install genuine software only and avoid unsafe utilities like Keygen etc.
  • Avoid overclocking
  • Avoid fiddling with the drivers


Damage caused to the hardware due to overclocking by the user is not covered under warranty.

For systems that have been overclocked by us or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)/vendor, some of the computers may lose their overclocking functionality and revert back to their default clock speeds while warranty services are undertaken. In such cases, customers request us in writing if they want the PC to be overclocked again after which we will make every effort to overclock the computer to its maximum safe potential however no guarantees can be given about the overclocked speeds. In case the PC needs to be sent back to us for overclocking, the customers will be responsible for the costs (both sides shipping) if they want their computers to be overclocked again. 

How to lodge a warranty claim?

Log in to ‘My Account’ on our website, go to ‘Completed Orders’, and initiate the return process by clicking ‘Return Item(s)’ next to the order to be returned.

How the refunds are made?

After the warranty claim is processed by UMKLOGIX, we will advise our customers through phone, Email, or SMS how the refund will be completed as it will depend on the method of payment and the policies of payment processors e.g., PayPal and eWAY (for credit cards). We try our best to complete the refund within 7 business days after finalizing the refund decision. Generally, the refunds are given to the customer in the same payment method that the customer used to purchase the item.

Need help?

Contact us for questions related to refunds and returns.